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Derek has written on golf, travel, wine and spirits and golf course architecture since 2000. He started his career with and where he served as Senior Editor and author of the Armchair Architect column. His features have appeared in LINKS Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, McKellar, Executive Travel, The Met Golfer, USA Today, Distilled Magazine and numerous other outlets. He’s a regular contributor to Golf Georgia Magazine and has hosted the Feed the Ball podcast since 2017.

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Geoff Shackelford - SOG

Geoff Shackelford is a Senior Writer for Golfweek magazine, a weekly contributor to Golf Channel's Morning Drive and Golf Central, is co-host of The Ringer's ShackHouse and is the author of eleven books.

His writing has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, Links, Golf Digest, Golf World, The Golfer, Golfweb, Golf Journal (R.I.P.), The Masters Journal, Golf Course Architecture, Golf Architecture, Golf Digest Index, Golf Digest, Golf World and was created in March 2003 to elaborate on various subjects covered in the author's books including The Future of Golf. was named one of the Internet's 10 best golf web sites in 2004 by's Gary Van Sickle and in January, 2011 became a partner website to

In 2017 became part of the USA Today Sports Media Group's network.


Mike Clayton - SOG

Mike Clayton is a former touring professional turned commentator, course architect and columnist. He is widely regarded as Australia's most forthright spokesperson on the game.

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Rod Morri - ISG pod, SOG and TalkinGolf

Rod is an award-winning golf journalist with more than 20 years experience and has covered everything from major tournaments to junior golf at the local level. Rod began his life in the media as a daily news reporter for News Limited in Sydney.


Adrian Logue - ISG

Adrian looks after a range of technology and handicapping systems for the golf industry in various parts of the world including Australia and Scandinavia. The job affords him opportunities to indulge his interest in golf course architecture as he travels and plays golf in the countries where his work takes him.


Bruce Young - Weekly Betting Tips Show

Since his earlier and successful involvement as a caddie on the professional golf circuits of the world, Bruce Young has established himself as one of Australia’s leading golf journalists and analysts. Leaving a marketing role in the golf course design company of highly regarded Australian golfer Graham Marsh in 1999, Bruce has since created a portfolio of golf related work in internet, print, radio and television commentary and has recently branched out into hosting lunches and other MC related activities. Bruce produces a weekly golf betting show for those who like a wager.

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Connor T. Lewis - TalkinGolf History

Connor T. Lewis is the golfer behind the Society of Golf Historians, a social platform designed to entertain and inform people on golf’s illustrious past while at the same time making sense of our game using a historical perspective. Connor makes golf history interesting and that's why he was the first - and only - choice to co-host this monthly look at how the game came to be what it is today. Everything from the history of golf courses, players, the tools of the trade and rules are part of these monthly discussions which sometimes feature special guests as well as questions from listeners. When he’s not recording or working, Connor is also the Consulting Historian for one of the Top 10 Golf Clubs in the World (but he's not telling which one so you'll just have to guess!)


John huggan - in conversation

John Huggan is one of the game's most respected and forthright writers. An elite amateur in a former life his writings can be found in publications such as Golf Digest in America and Golf Australia locally while he also makes an annual pilgrimage to these shores to cover the Australian Open. Each month John will sit down with an influential figure from the golf world for an in depth discussion and you’ll find these fascinating and informative chats here at TalkinGolf.